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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Dan Boudreau, President and CEO of Macrolink Action Plans Inc.

Dan Boudreau is a business planning coach specializing in small business development and financial forecasting. His services span the areas of research, planning and training.

With 18 years experience in the consulting field, Dan has developed and facilitated training workshops on the following topics: Entrepreneurial Training, Business Planning, Market Research, Proposal Development, Train the Trainer, and E-Business Basics.

Dan has owned and operated small businesses since 1980, ranging from single owner home-based enterprises to more than 180 employees. He is acknowledged and appreciated by his peers and clients for his excellent communication skills and his ability to bring entrepreneurial ideas to fruition, which ensure that his clients receive services of the utmost quality.

In this Chic Perspective, Dan emphasizes the importance of business plans, and offers tips and advice for writing your first business plan.

He also discusses his new book – Business Plan or BUST!: A Comprehensive Tutorial For Starting And Growing Your Business.

Listen to Dan Boudreau’s Chic Tip for Entrepreneurs here.  The entire interview is available in Season One of The Chic Perspectives Show.

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Amy Leavell Bransford – Owner of New Moon Skin Care

Amy Leavell Bransford is a licensed esthetician who owns and operates New Moon Skin Care, an Atlanta-based microdermabrasian, skin care and hair removal business.

Prior to acquiring her license in esthetics, she worked as a publicist in the record industry for bands and artists such as 311, CAKE, Widespread Panic, Galactic, Vic Chesnutt and Precious Bryant.

She also worked for two Atlanta-based record labels, Terminus Records and Capricorn Records. Amy’s passion for music stemmed from her father, keyboardist and environmentalist Chuck Leavell.

In this Chic Perspective, Amy shares how music led her to skin care, and how she then turned an interest into a business reality.

After studying at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and becoming certified in CPR and microdermabrasion, she opened her business, “New Moon Skin Care,” named because healthy skin cells regenerate approximately every 28 days – the same cycle as the moon. She explains how she turned a passing interest into a successful business idea.

This is so interesting to me. Those of you that know me, know how I closely follow the cycles of the moon and I am hearing more and more people tuning in this important  natural timing to make decisions, take action and just get more in the flow of life.

Amy also reveals how she spread the word to market and promote her business by leveraging the media, how she overcame her own limiting beliefs to achieve more of her full potential.

Thank again Amy for coming on today to share with all of us how we can shine from the inside out and get gorgeous glowing skin with natural techniques and products.

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening up your own skin care business, you love hearing Amy’s story and how you made it happen.

Carolyn Turknett, co-founder and President of Turknett Leadership Group

Carolyn Turknett is co-founder and President of Turknett Leadership Group, an Atlanta-based consulting firm providing leadership and organization development services to companies in a variety of industries.

Founded in 1987, the firm is a leader in using sophisticated proprietary assessment tools and long-term, personalized coaching to develop successful leaders and organizations.

Carolyn Turknett has more than fifteen years experience in management and leadership consulting. The focus of her work is character in leadership, organization assessment and change, executive team development, and leadership in turbulent times.

In this Chic Perspective, Lyn talks about how she and her husband started and grew their business by leveraging strategic partners and contractors and how they got their first book published, Decent People, Decent Company: How to Lead With Character at Work and in Life.

Lyn also shares her observations on how women’s leadership style differs from men’s as well as how entrepreneurs lead differently than corporate leaders.

Over 1000 executives have completed the Turknett individual Executive Development Program.

Turknett clients include companies of all sizes and industries, such as AGL Resources, American Cancer Society, BellSouth, Bennett International Group, Freebairn & Co., Georgia-Pacific Corp., Hewlett-Packard and Mercer Human Resources Consulting.

Listen to Carolyn Turknett’s Chic Tip for entrepreneurs and business leaders here.  The entire 30 minute interview is available as part of Season One of the Chic Perspectives Show.