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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Image Consultant Laurie Mondato on the Chic Perspectives Show

Laurie Mandato

Laurie Mandato

Today on The Chic Perspectives Show, I had on Wardrobe and Style Consultant Laurie Mandato to talk about fashion and style.  As some of you know, my take on “style” has less to do with following the trends and more to do with finding yourself.  Laurie’s philosophy is also all about authenticity and she knows that people feel better when they look good.

Laurie talked about how she empowers women to be confident in the bodies they have, while giving them the tools they need to reach their own version of perfection.  Laurie talks about her passion for working with speakers, authors, executive leaders, coaches and consultants who are stepping into the spotlight and what they can do to match their image to their message so they can feel fabulous and confident in the role of speaker.

Laurie also talked about how she recovered from the fabulous SHINE event put on by Ali Brown in Las Vegas with some scheduled R & R out at Canyon Ranch – a resort I know all too well, having recently spoken there for a few days with my friend and business partner Ana Weber as part of our Your 48 Hour Day seminars.  Tips like this are available on Laurie’s website

Laurie also explains how what you wear on the outside is a reflection of what you feel on the inside and how to use colors, fabrics, and tailoring to enhance you inner light.

There is a strength that comes from expressing your authentic self, and when you find your individual style that you can wear with confidence.

Thanks Laurie for spending time with us today and sharing your Chic Perspective on how entrepreneurs can use style to maximize the first impression they make on others and increase their overall earning power.

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Rich Horwath, author of Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action, today on The Chic Perspectives Show

Rich Horwath

Rich Horwath

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show my guest Rich Horwath talked about business strategy and his new book, Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action.

I love strategy – and you certainly can’t build a flourishing business without a good one – yet so many companies fall down in this area – and it ultimately leads to mediocrity at best and failure at worse.  Want to avoid these unpleasant fates?  Then take your strategy advice from Rich, he’s an expert.  I like simple clean models that help companies make smart and fast decisions and take action – and that’s what I like about Rich’s ideas and advice.

Rich talked about the mistakes big companies often make in the strategic planning process, and his model for defining competitive advantage.

Rich talked about the automakers, and other big business bailouts and whether or not that was really the best thing for our economy, as well as the macro economic implications of such federal stimulus measures such as the cash for clunkers program.

While many CEOs have cited the weak economy as a cause for poor performance in 2009, Rich shares why a business’s performance has little to do with the economy as a whole and much more to do with smart strategy and effective execution.

Bulletproof your business plan, avoid the million dollar mistake, learn the secret to finding a job or getting that next promotion in today’s economy and avoid letting your experience hold your business back – this interview is packed with practical nuggets of wisdom to help you take strategic advantage of the current economy and avoid the certain doom facing many who do not heed Rich’s advice.

Rich and I also got into how to maintain mental agility in the marketplace and the boardroom, innovation and resource allocation, and developing strategic discipline.

Packed with great case studies and insightful ideas to get you laser focused on what you are best at and maximizing the value of that in the marketplace through a killer strategy , definitely check out Rich’s latest book, Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action.

Check out more strategic tips from Rich and his monthly Strategic Thinker publication at Rich, thanks for taking the time to share your Chic Perspective with us today!

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Peter Bowerman author of The Well-Fed Writer on the Chic Perspectives Show

Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman

Today on The Chic Perspectives Show, I got to meet Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Writer, a fantastic how to guiding to achieving financial self-sufficincy as a commercial freelancer in six months or less.

If you’ve ever wondered how to separate “starving” from “writer”, this book has all the answers you need and will give you a perfect plan for how to turn your writing abilities into cold hard cash.

Peter talked about how businesses of all sizes generate an enormous volume of writing projects, and how in today’s downsized business world, much of that work gets outsourced to freelancers.  If you like to write and don’t mind the fabulous work from home lifestyle that goes along with the occupation, Peter can tell you exactly how to get your share of this huge and growing market for commercial freelance writers.

What exactly is commercial copywriting?  you may ask… well Peter Bowerman shares his wealth of knowledge on this large and growing industry, and why you don’t need a lot of experience to make a well-fed living at it.

Commercial copywriting is a great field for stay at home Moms, and Peter talked about why the work is so popular with women who are looking for a good work, life balance with a profitable career with flexibility and no commute.

Peter talked about what people can be doing right now, to lay the groundwork for a career in commercial copywriting while they may be working at other jobs now.

For a comprehensive review of the industry and how you can start to pick up jobs immediately with little or no experience, check out the latest edition of The Well-Fed Writer at

Thanks again Peter for coming on The Chic Perspectives Show today to share your expertise on creating a highly profitable business as a freelance commercial copywriter.

Peter is also the author of The Well-Fed Self Publisher

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Cheri Flake – The Stress Therapist on the Chic Perspectives Show

Today on Chic Perspectives my guest Cheri Flake, The Stress Therapist, talked about what stress really is and what the root causes of it are.  What happens in our bodies and minds when we are feeling stressed?

Cheri says it’s self inflicted – it’s how we think about our lives and our circumstances.  We discuss why stress is such a problem in today’s society and what is realistically possible in terms of managing and feeling stressed.

I just love Cheri’s breezy demeanor toward life.  She realizes that you can be smart, successful and accomplish great things without having to drive yourself to unhealthy levels of stress. She obviously has a very full life and realizes  how to make it a fulfilling life as well.

Cheri shares great tips and ideas for managing stress and the commitment it takes to do so. She talks about how to deal with difficult people, as well as anxiety, depression and mood swings around stressful situations.

If you are interested in success without the stress, give a listen to Cheri Flake on Chic Perspectives, and check out Cheri’s website at or follow her on

Thanks Cheri!  And much continued Chic Success to you!