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Elizabeth Gordon and guest co-host Angela Stalcup interview Laura Scholz of CRAVE Atlanta and Scholz Communications

How do companies navigate the world of social media ?  What’s the cross over between social media and traditional media?  How does social media allow women to play to their strengths?  All this in more …

Listen to Angela Stalcup, the Atlanta Market Director for Ladies Who Launch and the Chief Empowerment Officer at The Curvy Life

and Laura Scholz ,  President of Scholz Communications and area director for CRAVE Atlanta,

and of course me as we talk about:

what works on social media and what doesn’t (how to make friends and how to avoid making foes),

the types of result the pro’s are getting and how to cross leverage social media and traditional media,

how to use social media to open doors that you never thought you’d be able to open on your own,

how to manage your time on the tools through consistent and scheduled usage,

what a ROI from social media looks like and why more and more small companies are using it to effectively level the playing field and gain market share and develop real relationships with customers.

Thanks so much Laura and Angela for being with me.   Make sure to check them out @:

Ladies Who Launch and The Curvy Life

and Laura Scholz, President of Scholz Communications and area director for CRAVE Atlanta,

Twitter: @LauraScholz

Much continued Chic Success!

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Angela Stalcup of Ladies Who Launch Atlanta and The Curvy Life on The Chic Perspectives Show

This week it was my pleasure to chat with Angela Stalcup, the Atlanta Market Director for Ladies Who Launch and the Chief Curvy Officer for The Curvy Life about how women entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Angela talked about the latest trends she is seeing in women entrepreneurs and why the numbers of women starting new businesses continues to grow in the current economy and how women are becoming more sophisticated in their approach.

Angela gave some great examples of how the barriers to entry have gone down and how women can now compete at a global level with large companies without feeling a tremendous disadvantage.  All signs still point to this being an increasing popular path for women.  While lifestyle is usually a factor for women’t entrepreneurial career choice, more and more money has become more of the focus as women are realizing just what they are capable of achieving once they step out of the shadow of a boss and take their economic power into their own hands.

Angela talked about the new feminine power and how it differs from the traditional view of power.  This is such a hot topic in female business leader circles of late, so I would to hear your comments on how women leaders are challenging the norms and bringing forth a new approach based on collaboration instead of control and what the effects of such a perspective shift will be.

She also spoke of the rise of women in the corporate world and how leadership norms are changing, why certain practices are outdated and what it really takes to get ahead in today’s business world.

Angela and I talked about the new girls club, and how the last 10 years have seen a great shift in how women network, connect and help each other.  We discussed why women in the past have felt a need to compete with each other and why cooperation is the new norm in women business relations.

I know you’ll enjoy this insightful conversation about the next wave of feminine power in the workplace and what that means for profits, products and our planet.  Check out more about Angela, Ladies Who Launch Atlanta, and The Curvy Life @

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Jill Spiegel, author of How to Talk to Anyone About Anything, on the Chic Perspectives Show

Jill Spiegel know How to Talk to Anyone About Anything – and she shares tips, tricks, secrets and more in this exclusive half hour radio interview.

Jill talked about sending Mind Messages and how you can use them to create an instant connection with people before you ever open your mouth by using the power of thought to radiate an energy that draws people to you.  Jill’s mind message technique allow people to sense your positive energy which makes them want to talk to you.

I love Jill’s advice on how to converse intelligently on any subject as well as how to handle your popularity gracefully.

We talked about how to translate her powerful connection ideas into the digital world and how to develop and strengthen personal and professional relationships using email, social media, podcasting and videos and still create true personal lasting powerful connections and a level of trust that translates into business.

Jill’s book has some truly magical phrases that win people’s trust as well as a host list of ways on how to start positive conversations or break into other groups when you arrive at an event. She also teaches how to maintain a connection once its formed and build lasting relationships.

Jill gave great ideas and examples of conversation starters and enders that can be used in all kinds of networking situations and advice on how to handle dicey topics like religion, sex and politics without faux pas.

Jill also shared her formula for answering the age old question “What do you do?” authentically, interestingly, and memorably.

Thanks so much for coming on the Chic Perspectives Show today Jill to share your energy, passion and enthusiasm for forming genuine connections in business and in life and build profitable, powerful relationships in our own style to further our Chic Success.

Check out How to Talk to Anyone About Anything and Jill’s other great books, Flirting with Success, Flirting with Spirituality, and The Flirtologist’s Guide to Dating, and the Pocket Pep Talk at

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Lorraine Chilvers, CEO of Delaney Consulting LLC on the Chic Perspectives Show

CIMG3003Today on the Chic Perspectives Show I got to chat with Lorraine Chilvers, CEO of Delaney, a professional services company that provides financial expertise to businesses.

Lorraine has held some high-level executive positions with Fortune 100 companies, she talked about why she moved from that to being an entrepreneur.  She reveals why given the current economic climate, Delany’s services are uniquely suited to meet the needs of growing businesses.

I always like to ask successful businesspeople about mistakes or failures in their past.  Failure can be a powerful teaching tool and often businesspeople’s own past failures helped create the person they are today.  Lorraine shares what failures she’s observed in the past that have led her to this point in her career.

The economy is still down and people are beginning their plans for 2010.  Since Delaney Consulting provides financial advice to companies, Lorraine gave some great advice to small entrepreneurs.

She also talked about what makes a smaller company such as Delaney different from all the other consulting companies out there.  Delaney is also placing significant efforts towards education, with their “Delaney Learning”  program.  Lorraine talked about why the company is focusing on education.  Lorraine also talked about a new program Delaney is also starting for CEO’s, called Delaney Think-Tank.

A large part of Ms. Chilvers outside life is focused on supporting women.  She is on the board of Zonta, which is part of Zonta International.  She talked more about the work she does to support women.

Lorraine also shared some great advice for women who are in the early stages of their career and deciding whether to start up their own company.  And lastly don’t miss the personal side of Lorraine.  We all have our pre-conceived ideas of “accountants”  – Lorraine tells me, what a CFO really does in her time off…

Thanks Lorraine for being a great guest on the Chic Perspectives Show today.  For more on Delaney Consulting, LLC go to: