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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Dave Savage, Inventors Association of GA President, Sue Watson, IP attorney, from SC Watson Law Firm and Inventor Donna Difloe, a Furniture Industry veteran and book author of How to buy furniture on The Chic Perspectives Show

Today on the Chic Perspectives  show I had on the Inventors Association of Georgia

Joining me in the studio to talk about all things inventive were:

Dave Savage, Inventors Association of GA President ( &

Sue Watson, IP attorney, from SC Watson Law Firm ( )

and Inventor Donna Difloe, a Furniture Industry veteran and book author of How to buy furniture.

Dave Savage is the president of Pres. of the Inventors Assoc. of GA, an organization that’s been in existence for 30 years.  In addition Dave also provides Inventors Advisory Service, family history & story video recording, Microsoft Word shortcuts trainer

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Dave talked about how he teaches inventors to talk about their ideas without disclosing material details and how to get feedback, advice and find the best plan of action to move forward.  There is a lot to learn and be aware of as an inventor and surrounding yourself with those who can give advice, feedback and suggestions is very important in minimizing your losses and maximizing your returns.

Sue Watson of SC Watson Law Firm shared her expertise on Patents, Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress as well as Copyrights, Patent Clearance Analysis, Patent Portfolio Evaluations, Patent Intelligence.

Sue’s firm has extensive experience assisting start-up companies, universities, research foundations, and large, global corporations in achieving significant intellectual property protection.

We discussed the strategic reasons why having a patent portfolio is more powerful and puts you in a better negotiating position than just a single patent.

Sue talked about business model entrepreneurs can use to capitalize on their idea, what to do first and how to avoid rookie mistakes.

Sue shared about the importance of intellectual property protection in order to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.   It’s crucial to rapidly protect your intellectual property in order to enhance  your business growth and secure your business success.

She explained how a step-by-step, cost-effective plan in critical for a company to achieve optimum intellectual property protection of their technology.

Donna Difloe shared her success story or how she turned an idea for an innovative and versatile furniture into a flourishing business.

Donna started her own company, Design Dynamic, which became the “umbrella” for product design and development, intellectual property, marketing and speaking and training engagements.

Before going out on her own Donna was the first Exec. Dir. of the Interior Design Society, and also in Chicago, the Product Manager for Kroehler Furniture.

Donna wanted the comfort and fashion of living room furniture for her outdoor patio. So she created and patented drainable, upholstered seating – an industry first.The furniture wears and washes well. It is mildew resistant and it looks as if it would fit in perfectly with a well-decorated living room.

Lane/Venture of Conover, N.C., incorporated Difloe’s drain system into the cushions of a group of wicker furniture called WeatherMaster. Donna’s patented furniture system has been licensed to Laneventure for 20 years.  Love seats and soft wing chairs as well as wicker with cushions in various patterns are available.

Got Ideas??

Check out the Inventors Association of Georgia, sign up for the free newsletter and find out more about upcoming meetings and the resources offered – membership privledges provide lot’s of value all for a very affordable price.

Thanks so much to my fabulous guests Donna Difloe of Design Dynamic, Sue Watson of SC Watson Law Firm and Dave Savage of Inventors Association of Georgia.

Until next time… wishing you all Chic Success,


Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Mollye Rhea, President of For Momentum, Lori Rosen President of The Rosen Group and Managing Partner of Blacksock

Elizabeth & Mollye

Thanks for tuning in to the Chic Perspectives Show today on Business Radio X where we hear the success stories of women business owners, industry trends and innovative ideas – and help other women business owners put themselves in ‘higher heels’ and ‘succeed in style’- their own personal style.

My first guest joined me in the studio – Mollye Rhea, President and Founder of For Momentum,,  in addition to being a successful entrepreneur Mollye is also an expert in the area of cause marketing.

For 25+ years, Mollye Rhea, President of For Momentum, has conceptualized, developed and spearheaded programs for cause and partnership marketing to benefit non-profits and corporations at both national and local levels.

When Mollye Rhea founded her company, For Momentum, in May 2003, she realized that there were very few agencies specializing in cause marketing. Since then, For Momentum has grown to become one of the leading cause marketing firms in the country.

Mollye talked about how she got started in her business by leveraging her broad base of experience  working in advertising, corporate marketing, and nonprofit marketing.

This background created the right synergy for the For Momentum business model.

Mollye talked about how she created For Momentum to strike a better balance with her lifestyle wishes and values.

She selected cause marketing because it is her passion.

For Momentum serves three specific target audiences:

  • Nonprofits who desire to expand their resource base through corporate partnership.
  • Corporations who want to leverage their philanthropic support for expanding their business -- also known as strategic philanthropy,
  • Traditional marketing, advertising and pr agencies who want to round out their full service services with a cause marketing offering.

    Mollye talked about what cause marketing is, why it works and how companies do it.

    CSR are an important part of today’s business model.

    She talked about how businesses of all sizes are leveraging the power of cause marketing to generate sales, positive PR and community reputation, employee loyalty and affordable solutions are possible — you don’t have to be a huge corporation to make a difference.

    As entrepreneurs, Mollye said we have the opportunity to establish a business model that matches our lifestyle and life stage needs.

    Her advice to other female business owners — Develop systems that match your business and budgetary needs

      • project-based compensation models
      • telecommuting business model
      • employee-specific definition of “full time”

      You also won’t want to miss Mollye’s “Chic Tip”: As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to establish a business model that matches our lifestyle and life stage needs. Don’t let the “conventional models” limit your thinking.  If you have a will, you can make your own way.

      Go to and sign up for our Cause Alliances Insights e-publication — found on our website under “News You Can Use”

      My next guest was Lori Rosen who called into the Chic Perspectives Show from the Big Apple to share her entrepreneurial experiences with us.  Lori is the owner of a public relations firm in New York, The Rosen Group which celebrated its 25th anniversary in November 2009.

      Last year, Lori solicited a company in Switzerland, and became Managing Partner of Blacksocks ( NA, a web site that delivers socks by subscription. It’s aimed at busy men, who want the luxury of having socks delivered to them (rather than going to a store) –just when the one sock disappears. Blacksocks is a thriving business in Europe, with 40,000 active customers.

      Lori talked about operating her PR agency, managing the ebbs and flows in the economic cycles, and how her company has evolved over time.  She also got into wha it was like starting a new business with its own set of challenges in a down market.

      Blacksocks is run out of the agency-and most of the marketing is done through PR, in addition to google ad word and SEO.  It was interesting to hear Lori talk about how from a PR perspective what’s it like to be both the client and the agency and for the first time, have a very clear understanding from the client’s point of view.

      Lori talked about both businesses-owning and operating aspects of a PR agency; and

      what she’s learning from customers about the sock-scription business model, need vs. want, purchasing timing and creating urgency.

      Thanks to my wonderful guests for sharing their stories and advice with our ever growing listen base.

      Tune in next time for more chic business talk.

      Until then… wishing you all Chic Success,


      Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Amber O’Neal, Owner, Café Physique Fitness & Nutrition & Jacqui Rosshandler founder of Jacquean Products & creator of Eat Whatever on the Chic Perspectives Show

      Elizabeth Gordon & Amber O'Neal

      Elizabeth Gordon & Amber O'Neal

      My first guest in the studio with me was Amber O’Neal.  Amber is a certified personal trainer & nutrition expert, and the owner of Café Physique, an Atlanta-based fitness & nutrition business. Café Physique specializes in mobile personal training, yoga, pilates and nutrition programs designed to meet the healthy lifestyle needs of clients in the privacy and convenience of their homes. With over 8 years of experience, Amber is well-respected by her peers in the health and wellness community.

      In addition to speaking to audiences across the nation, she is a freelance fitness and nutrition writer and media expert who has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marie Claire, and Heart & Soul. Her television appearances include CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates as well as the NBC Nightly News.

      Amber talked about how she started Café Physique, why she decided to pursue a mobile service model and what the benefits have been and what they do.

      She also talked about  the biggest challenge with the model and well as her biggest challenge as an entrepreneur.

      Amber recently launched as a personal branding website that promotes her speaking, writing, and one-on-one weight loss coaching services.  She talked about what led her to that decision to separate her personal brand from the main business.

      Café Physique – Who we are and what we do Amber shared tips and success secrets for what she calls “Side-launching” and talked about how to do so with success.  She encourages would be entrepreneurs to build a business on the side before leaving the steady income of their day jobs.

      She also talked about the necessity of changing your personal lifestyle in order to survive of lower salary when launching a business, the benefits of running a mobile business (bringing the services to the client) – and how to make this challenge to opportunity leap of thinking.

      We also discussed Who you are vs. What you do:  When it is better to separate or combine business and personal brands…and how to create a personality (personal branding) apart from your company.

      Find out more about Amber O’Neal and and

      Twitter: CafePhysique

      Twitter: Amber_ONeal

      Facebook Fanpage: Café Physique

      My next fabulous guest was Jacqui Rosshandler, owner of Jacquean Products, LLC

      and creator of Eat Whatever

      Jacqui talked about her product, how she came up with the idea and how she went from concept to actual product.  She talked about the science behind how it works and why and how she recognized this unique niche in the marketplace.

      Jacqui talked about how she has marketed Eat Whatever, and how she’s been able to land some pretty great media coverage.

      We talked about where Eat Whatever is currently available

      and what’s next.

      Jacqui revealed what the biggest challenge has been and her biggest surprise about being a business owner as well as her own personal growth in the process of building her company.

      After 2 years in a business up against multi-national companies she has learned what works, what doesn’t and how to maintain your motivation (and sanity) working for yourself in a market you have little experience in.  Check out Eat Whatever @

      You can also find Jacqui here at –

      Thanks so much to my awesome guests for sharing your inspiring stories.

      Until next time… wishing you all Chic Success,


      Elizabeth Gordon interviews emerging entrepreneurs Judi Gerhardt, Owner of Career Fashion Consignment and Karen Robinovitz, who just launched the new beauty brand Purple Lab

      CIMG3087Today on the Chic Perspectives Show we shined the chic spotlight on 2 women entrepreneurs with inspirational stories of success.  They triumphed over obstacles, remained resilient in the face of fear and disaster and building thriving businesses with powerful value propositions.

      First up was Judi Gerhardt, Owner of Career Fashion Consignment and an expert on professional image and non-verbal communication

      Judi Gerhardt is a former political powerhouse, survivor of 2 hurricanes, a nasty divorce, chemo, & a spinal tumor. After her surgery and deciding that she’d had enough hurricanes, she moved back to Atlanta. In August of 2009, Judi launched Career Fashion Consignment. CFC is an extremely high end career clothing consignment store for men and women in Atlanta. Judi is committed to social & financial responsibility and helping Atlanta’s business community benefit from the retail excess of the last decade.

      Judi Gerhardt is an incredible woman who was one of Maynard Jacksons campaign managers for mayor. She served as a political consultant for years in both Atlanta & DC until her travels took her elsewhere. She ended up in New Orleans where she owned a large equestrian farm for 16 years until Hurricane Katrina came in and destroyed everything she had built, including her 20 year marriage. Determined to stay in New Orleans and help rebuild, she was set to open another business when Hurricane Gustav came in and blew away that business, too. And, in the middle of all of this, her doctors discovered a tumor on her spinal column.

      After her surgery and deciding that shed had enough hurricanes, she moved back to Atlanta. In August of 2009, Judi launched Career Fashion Consignment. CFC is an extremely high end career clothing consignment store for men and women in Atlanta. Judi is committed to social & financial responsibility and helping Atlantas business community benefit from the retail excess of the last decade.

      Judi talked about what got her started in this business, what the company does and who their customers are.  Her business model actually serves two populations – those who bring in clothes for consignment sale and those who buy them.

      We talked about how she came up with the idea to start Career Fashion Consignment (CFC)

      Judi talked about some of the road blocks she has faced in her career and how she overcame them.

      With such an interesting career with many twists and turns, Judi explained how she has been able to reinvent herself so many times.

      We also discussed the green elements of her business.

      Judi recommends women:

      • Shop Responsibly by Shopping Consignment
      • Pay attention to the impact of non-verbal communication & professional dress
      • Use consignment to get a return on your fashion investment   – I just love this way of looking at it
      • Understand the importance of social responsibility and the role consignment plays

      For more check out the website @

      Become a friend of Career Fashion Consignment @!/pages/Atlanta-GA/Career-Fashion-Consignment/253100746996?ref=ts

      And follow on Twitter @

      Judi’s story is an amazing example of how resilient people can be, not to mention the art of reinvention and the business of social responsibility.Shes truly persistent, resilient, and the queen of reinvention. Judi is firmly committed to taking personal responsibility for her life and her happiness. She is truly an inspiration and a great example of someone who bounced back! Additionally, her commitment to helping Atlanta’s business community be more socially and financially conscious is a great story for the times we are living in.

      Thanks also to Judi’s PR rep – Andrea Rizk, Founder & CEO of Rizk Public Relations Twitter: @andreahrizk

      Next up – another chic entrepreneur – Karen Robinovitz, Creatrix of Purple Lab Beauty.

      Check out this awesome new beauty brand and start enjoying its multiple benefits @:

      purple labKaren Robinovitz is an acclaimed fashion/beauty insider/journalist/author/media vet turned marketer turned creatrix of the new beauty brand Purple Lab where she merges insider tips and tricks with ground-breaking ingredients, cutting-edge delivery systems and trend-setting style.

      Karen launched a beauty brand Purple Lab, in small, high end boutiques last May. The company have recently expanded the brand and launched on Home Shopping Network with five new products. Karen called in from New York City to share her story of success – She talked about how all of the stages of her career (journalist, marketing consult, brand and social media strategist) and using her chic network prepared her to build a successful line that fills a high value niche in the marketplace.  She talked about knowing her customer base, doing market research, taking risks, overcoming fear, and the personal growth that comes with business growth.

      Karen talked about how she discovered Purple Lab and how do they market the products. Karen explained what makes Purple Lab different than other beauty brands out there and what it was like to launch on HSN.  She also shared how to successfully market a brand via social media, why Purple Lab is changing the way people think about beauty  and how to launch a business during a rough economy.

      Find our more about Purple Lab @

      Follow Purple Lab on Twitter

      Follow Purple Lab on Facebook

      Find the products & on HSN

      You don’t want to miss the Chic Tips either of these amazing women had to share.  Thanks so much for listening and thanks to my wonderful guests.

      Until next time wishing you all Chic Success,