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Amanda Brown stops by the studio on her way to China to begin Amanda’s Big World Adventure

Chic Perspectives host, Elizabeth Gordon interviews Amanda Brown, Adventurer, Educator, Businesswoman and Global Ambassador.  Just before leaving for Hong Kong, Amanda of Amanda’s Big World Adventure stopped by our downtown studio to share how an 18-month journey around the world is the ultimate culmination of her passions, interests and talents.


Amanda is no ordinary entrepreneur, she has created an opportunity and a business like no other.  Luckily we were able to catch up with her in the studio the day after her big press conference with the World Trade Center and just days before she departed to China to begin her Big World Adventure.


You’ll want to get her daily updates as she travels as an Ambassador, educator, fashion model, grape stomper, and more.  How on earth did she get started with this idea and what made it all happen.  Is she scared? excited? ready? Find out in this one of kind interview with a one of a kind woman.


Amanda’s having a blast over there! If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out what she has done so far…


P.S.  I just got an email from her saying it’s been a bit of a culture shock in some ways, but a feeling of home and complete ease in others.  I feel as though I have lived here forever.

Yay! Amanda,  thanks for letting us living vicariously through you.  Enjoy the Adventure!

Pixorium – Our Story

Jiffy Page, Founder of Pixorium

This week Chic Perspectives on Business features a conversation with Jiffy Page, Founder & Principal of Pixorium, about the creation of Atlanta’s photo-storytelling company and her unexpected role as entrepreneur.


Jennifer Page (“Jiffy”) : Jiffy started Pixorium in the fall of 2006 in response to her own efforts to manage all the family pictures and the despair she saw of Hurricane Katrina victims who lost all their family photographs.

Five years later, Pixorium, Atlanta’s photo-storytelling business, has helped hundreds of Atlanta-area clients preserve, save and share their photos (prints, slides, negatives, videos, film) and stories by digitizing the images and telling the stories in videos, books and other fun and compelling ways.

Jiffy’s own story includes lots of moves as a child, a career in magazine print sales, work as a sales consultant, writer and publication designer, custodial stepmother at 25, unexpected entrepreneur at 45 and a marvelous cast of characters in her husband, children, family and friends. You can reach her at or by visiting;; on Twitter –@Pixorium;